High Performance Endoscope Sheaths

The Scopeguard Cystoscope Sheath

A unique solution for Urologists that eliminates the need to reprocess flexible cystoscopes after each patient procedure

Just imagine...

  • Being able to perform cystoscopies without having to wait for the equipment to pass through the automated reprocessing cycle each time.
  • Being able to perform cystoscopies in an out-patient clinic or practically any setting.

All this and more...

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced staff exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Fits all existing cystoscopes

  • Inner sheath provides a sterile barrier between patient and cystoscope. The material has been validated as impermeable to particles of nanometer size.
  • The sheath material is made from a specially formulated low surface-friction PU for ease of fitting and removal.

The sheath provides a sterile barrier between the patient and cystoscope

  • Optically clear microplastic lens provides unrestricted view from the cystoscope.
  • Total thickness of Scopeguard sheath: 70 microns.

Optically clear plastic lense providing an unrestricted view

  • Fluid irrigation runs between inner and outer sheath.

Fluid irrigation running between inner and outer sheath

  • Access port on housing incorporates a luer-lock that allows easy connection for irrigation.

Leur attachment for easy connection of irrigation fluid

  • Flexible moulded housing is designed to fit a range of existing cystoscopes and keep the Scopeguard in place during use.
  • Scopeguard is sterilised by Ethylene Oxide and supplied in sterile packaging.

Flexible moulding for attachment to a range of cystoscopes

  • Scopeguard is a unique solution for Urologists that eliminates the need to reprocess flexible cystoscopes after each patient procedure, reducing the need for multiple scopes and local access to reprocessing facilities.
  • Scopeguard is a translucent, sterile and universal disposable sheath that fits over all flexible cystoscopes. It incorporates an optically clear lens at the distal end, ensuring pin sharp vision. The channel running along the length of the sheath allows irrigation fluid to pass along it.
  • When one procedure is complete, the sheath is removed, tested and disposed of, ensuring user confidence that the cystoscope has not become contaminated and has not come into contact with the patient.
  • The reduced turnaround time, as compared to using an automated endoscope reprocessor, means greater flexibility and the potential to perform more cystoscopies instead of waiting for the equipment to be ready.
  • So, if you want your practice to spend less time reprocessing and more time on patient procedures, choose Scopeguard.