High Performance Endoscope Sheaths

Scopeguard Camera Drapes

Cover the whole cystoscope

The scopeguard camera drape system covers the entire cystoscope

  • Scopeguard have produced a range of sterile drapes to allow the Urologist to contain the entire cystoscope within a sterile field. After use, the sheath and drape can be easily removed together, before the sheath's integrity is tested using the Scopeguard pressure tester.
  • The Scopeguard Camera Drapes are available with or without the eyepiece connector to suit the needs of the users of fibreoptic and video cystoscopes.
  • Neatly packaged and easy to fit, the Scopeguard Camera Drapes are designed to complement the Scopeguard Cystoscope Sheath and allow the instrument to be completely isolated from Urologist and patient.
  • This means that within minutes, safe and effective instrument turnaround can be achieved with a sterile instrument ready for the next procedure every time.